Report from Eva Volunteer Inhouse English Teacher

Birthday Party Sreymom Mey

The 23rd of October was the birthday of Sreymom. She turned 21 that day. I heard from the girls that they normally don’t celebrate someone’s birthday, so I decided to throw her a birthday party. I bought Sreymom a cake and some presents. We also bought soft drinks for all of the girls in the house. The girls that helped me organizing this party, made a nice Khmer desert.On the night of her birthday we surprised Sreymom and threw balloons from the balcony in the house on her. After that, I brought her the cake and we sang her ‘Happy Birthday’. The cake was a little small to eat for everyone, so we decided to have a big cakefight! That was a lot of fun. After the cakefight we danced and drank the softdrinks.It was really an amazing evening and I was glad to see all the girls in the house so happy. It had been a blast!Eva Kleingeld, Volunteer


Eva's Visit to Siem Reap & Surprise Birthday party

On the 14th of November I left Phnom Penh together with Rachana and Phakdey to visit Siem Reap for a few days. They had never been to Siem Reap and neither had I, we were going together with Kristy a girl I had met earlier in Phnom Penh, the night before we went to Siem Reap she visited the Girls Power Dorm. We cooked dinner for the girls in the house a western meal, spaghetti. After our meal we threw a small party for a couple of girls that had their birthdays recently. It was so much fun. The girls tried to teach Kristy how they always dance at parties. After our small party we watched one of the movies I had bought for the girls and after that we went to bed because the day after would be a big day.Early in the morning we left the Girls Power Dorm to catch our bus. After 6 hours on the bus, we arrived in Siem Reap. We went to our guesthouse and had a drink there. After that we wandered around Siem Reap and went for dinner. It was so funny, the girls picked a western meal, because they never eat that of course and Kristy and I choose an asian meal, because we knew that we weren’t able to eat that anymore as soon as we returned back to our own countries.The next day we went to Angkor. Our first stop was Angkor Wat, which was unbelievably beautiful. We took a lot of pictures there and we enjoyed looking at the beautiful and enormous temple. After that we went to the next temple, the Bayon temple. That one was smaller, but also really nice. We visited a lot of temples that day. They were all really special to see. The girls loved Angkor Wat and Ta Phrom the most. Ta Phrom is the temple that is famous because of its trees that grow over the temple, and also of course because Tomb Raider was filmed at that temple. After this long day we went back to our guesthouse and went early to sleep, because the next day we wanted to see the sunrise in Angkor. Early the next morning 5 a.m., the tuktuk picked us up, he brought us to a temple on a hill, because at Angkor Wat it was already really busy and we wanted to actually enjoy the sunrise in a peaceful and quiet environment.In the dark we walked up the hill. It was really exciting, because we couldn’t see anything and there was no one on the path. After a 15 minute walk we arrived on top of the hill where the temple was. Only a few people were up there and it was completely silent. We sat down and watched the sun getting brighter and brighter. It was beautiful and Rachana and Phakdey were really enjoying it.After the sun was up, we went down again and the rest of the day we visited a lot of temples again. In one temple we attended a wedding of two western people. It was really special to attend that. We had never seen something like that before. In the afternoon we went back to our guesthouse to rest a little bit. In the evening we had planned to see a circus show.The circus show was such a funny show. The acrobats were really good and we really enjoyed this show. Rachana and Phakdey were just sitting with their mouths open and enjoying the show so much! It was great to see them enjoying it so much. After the show they told us that they had never seen a circus show before and that they really loved watching it. After that night we went to bed. The next day we got up early so we could catch our bus, which was leaving early in the morning. After seven hours we were back in Phnom Penh with a lot of new exciting stories. I really enjoyed this weekend and I hope the girls did enjoy it as much as I did.


Eva's Farewell Party

On my last day in the house the 30th of November, the girls threw me a big farewell party, together with Steve the C4C Country Director they ordered pizza, a cake and soft drinks. We had dinner together. Some girls hadn’t even had pizza before, so even on my last night they experienced something new!From Steve I received a certificate to thank me for my work in the Girls Power Dorm. All the girls gave me loads of presents to say thank you to me. I was so surprised and happy with it. It was a really nice night, but at the same time I was feeling sad to leave.The day that I left Steve and a lot of girls came with me to the airport to say goodbye to me. It was a really nice way to say goodbye, although I didn’t like to say goodbye to them.I’m really thankful for my experience in the Girls Power Dorm. The girls were really nice and made my stay amazing. I’ve learned a lot from them and their culture and I hope that they also learnt a lot from me staying in their house.I wish them all the best and I know I will be back soon to visit them again.


I am always happy to meet with visitors to Cambodia, interested in the Education of young intelligent women from the poorest provinces of Cambodia.

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