My latest story
Hi I'm Nichika Em

My name is Nichika, I graduated as one of the best students at the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High  School near my village in Prey Veng.

I lived with my parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters we have a small farm with some animals, we are rice farmers, but we regretfully are poor so my parents cannot afford to pay for me to study at University. We are so gratefull that C4C has chosen me to be sponsored.

Now I live at the Girls Power Dorm in Phnom Penh supported by C4C  and enjoy a study loan and guidance from C4C. I expect to graduate in 2016 as a bachelor in Tourism at my university NUM (National University for Management).

My dream is to become a hotel manager somewhere in the world and help my family out of poverty with an outstanding salary. Now I have graduated and have a good job helping my family.

My sponsor is Mr. Yves in Thailand

The first time I saw Mr. Yves at our Girls Power Dorm at my arrival and he immediately choose me as his sponsored student. I know he is one of the worlds' best professional poker players, but more he runs a resort on the island Kho Samui in Thailand. Now we like each other because we have the same interest in Tourism. For me he is my life saviour. Please you find out more about him at 


My fund balance

Balance of Donations:

2012   sponsors' donation    $ 1.500    Expended $920

2013   sponsors' donation    $ 1.500    Expended $920

2014   sponsors' donation    $ 1.500    Expended $920

2015   sponsors' donation    $ 1.500    Expended $920

2016   sponsors' donation    $ 1.500    Expended $920

2017   sponsors' donation    $ 1.500    Expended $920

Distribution of loan:

Tuition Fees: 41% Monthly Allowance:38% Insurance:2%

Total of Loan:                                                             $3,680
Balance:                                                                       $2,320
The latest word from C4C

Phnom Penh January 2014.

I first met Nichika in the selection procedure at her parents she was a shy intelligent girl. Now I must say she develops as a devoted student deligent to reach her goals. Now she can speak out but she is shy as ever.

Phnom Penh October 2012.

Here is presented the loan agreement between C4C and Nichika Em co-signed by her parents and local authorities. 

Here are my room mates learning new computer skills with Eva our live in English and IT teacher.

I am always happy to meet with visitors to Cambodia, interested in the Education of young intelligent women from the poorest provinces of Cambodia.

Please feel free to contact me.

Steve Chika-AAIM Country Director C4C

Apt.3a #30-31 Street 108 

Sankat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh

Phnom Penh 12002

Kingdom of Cambodia

Ph. 855 977 176 116-855 010 226 235