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The girls pictured below have graduated with jobs and are  helping their families to a better future. We have many other success stories of our 34 successful graduates that we are happy to share about our students now in the workforce helping themselves and their families to a better life. 
















We need your help to continue to grow our program and support more impoverished young women from the provinces.

Donating only $20 can help to positively change the course of life

for some deserving young female and their family

Donations can be made here on our website through the Donate Button directly to our

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Our Vision:

"Our Vision is to give a chance to girls within our global society improving their quality of life with respect to health, wealth, knowledge and social standing"

Our Mission:

The C4C Organization’s Mission is to increase chances for chanceless, underprivileged Cambodian girls in Cambodia. These objectives will be achieved in co-operation with more privileged parties in our global society who can create these chances.

Education is the Answer

To address this C4C has chosen to operate in the area of University education specifically for female candidate students from rural secondary schools throughout Cambodia. These students will be the future leaders of Cambodia.

The concept of this long term sustainable project is to provide interest free loans to needy female students and to reinvest those loans to new female students upon payback of the loans.

Since 2008, 34 students have successfully passed through the system and are now in the work force supporting their families and improving the families and their own quality of life in respect to health, wealth, knowledge and social standing. They are also repaying their loans to help additional students join the program. At present we have 5 students studying Banking and Finance at the University of Management Phnom Penh, who graduate in 2021. we are further sponsoring a student in year 2 and will sponsor two more girls for the 2021 year they will be studying, Banking & Finance at the National University of Management Phnom Penh staying in the girls’ dorm in Phnom Penh.

The Girls Dorm

We are limited on the numbers of students coming into the program, this mainly depends on donations from the public and private sector who can provide funds for loans and our girls house which has a limiting number of spaces where we can provide accommodation for them, these points need to be considered and are necessary factors to determine how many students we can sponsor to successfully complete their studies and to coach, mentor and assist them in their scholarship and job endeavors.

To achieve these objectives we have defined the following strategy. To create a mutual relationship between sponsoring companies, institutions and likeminded individuals from the Netherlands, Cambodia and worldwide, who have an interest in developing the knowledge and skills, related to the study program of talented but chanceless female Cambodian students spread over the different provinces of Cambodia.

To Develop an education program and attract funds from the public sector, companies and other institutions which will be used as interest free loans to help talented and chanceless girls spread over the poorest provinces of Cambodia to attend the National University of Management in Phnom Penh.